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On this page you can read our answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Italian furniture by our customers. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please contact us. We will be pleased to help you.

Does Sevensedie produce Italian furniture in classic, modern or contemporary style?

Sevensedie was originally born as a company that manufactured Italian chairs in classic style and this is still the soul of our business. However, nowadays we manufacture classic as well as modern and contemporary Italian furniture. Shall you be interested in classic Italian furniture, please check our Butterfly collection; for modern Italian furniture, you can view our Modern collection. Finally, Ellipse is our contemporary Italian furniture collection.

Do you sell to private individuals?

No, we offer our products to the B2B sector only. We do not sell our furniture to private individuals. If you are a private individual please feel free to contact us and we will suggest a dealer in your region.

Is your furniture 100% made in Italy?

Yes, it is. All the products are conceived, designed, developed and manufactured in Italy by our team of expert craftsmen and designers. Read more about our Italian furniture manufactory.

Is your furniture handmade?

Yes, all our products are handmade. In the production of wood frames and cabinet structures a big part is played by highly advanced machinery. However for assembly, polishing, upholstering, quality control and packaging there are no machinery involved and all work phases are carried out by hand by our Italian craftsmen.

Which furniture is available for the Horeca sector?

For hotels and restaurants our offer includes a wide range of italian furniture in classic, contemporary and modern style. At Sevensedie you can find a wide range of chairs and restaurant tables as well as cabinets for hotel rooms. Most products we manufacture for the Horeca sector are custom made or bespoke to suit at best the specific requirements of our clients.
You can see some of the furniture which we designed and manufactured for the Horeca sector in the section Hotel & Restaurant.

With which standards do you comply for the Horeca sector?

Our furniture for the Horeca sector complies with very high standards. In hotels, restaurants and cruise liners fire and safety regulation, for obvious reasons, is very strict. Working for clients situated in several different countries we have to adapt the product specification so that it complies with the local fire and safety regulation. Panels can be fire retardant as well as the varnish; on request certificate can be provided to confirm that specific products are in compliance with these strict regulations. Fire and safety regulations mainly apply to foam and upholstery materials; so we offer to our client a selection of different materials to suit the specific country regulation.

Furthermore furniture for the Horeca sector must be hard wearing. Hotel & Restaurant chairs structures are reinforced in several ways and density of the foam can be increased to make it last longer. Upholstery material must have a higher resistance to abrasion and so on. The varnish used for the horeca sector must be hard so that it will not scratch easily and with a high resistance to liquids and sources of heat to give a better protection to all surfaces. There are many details to which we should pay attention when we are producing products for the Horeca sector. The most important aspect is to learn exactly what the requirements are; there will always be a kind of construction, a kind of filling and a specific varnish that will fulfill all needs.

What fabrics do you use for your furniture?

For our furniture we use all kinds of different fabrics to suit the specific needs of our clients and generally to comply with the given local fire and safety regulation. To select the right fabric, from the aesthetic point of view, we need to consider the style and design of the furniture and the interior decoration. That is not all, in a domestic environment but even more in a public place as a restaurant or an hotel room, fabric should be functional:

  • hard wearing

  • long lasting

  • easy to clean

  • water repellent

  • fire retardant

All these issues should be taken into consideration when we are selecting the correct fabric.

Do you offer bespoke furniture?

Yes we do offer bespoke furniture. On request we can bespoke chairs, tables, wardrobes and in general any kind of furniture.
If you provide us with technical drawings or 3D visualizations we will be happy to give you our quotation. If you don’t have drawings, just an idea and some sketches could be a good starting point. If you have an idea, with the help of our architects and designers, we can develop it together to try and recreate what you have in mind. Generally the tendency is to produce bespoke furniture when the request is for large quantities, setting up costs are high and if they are not spreaded on a good quantity of items they can make the final price too high. However if the budget is adequate a bespoke furniture item can be made even if you just need a single piece.

Is your furniture customizable?

The flexibility and the product customization is something in what we much believe. There is so much we can do in terms of customization that it is difficult to decide where to start from; surely we should look individually at the different furniture categories:

Chairs, armchairs, sofas and upholstered items

We offer more than 100 standard finishes for the frames; should these not be enough you can send us your sample of finish and we can color match it.
For the upholstery we offer a selection of more than 5000 covers from fabric to vinyl and real leather, in different styles, different colors and with different characteristics as fire retardancy, water repellency, washability and so on. Of course if you want to send us your material for us to upholster your furniture that is also normal practice.
You can choose the trimming you prefer: view all our trimmings.

Fillings can be fire retardant, upholstery can be plain or with buttons. You can even tell us what glides you need for your chairs according to the kind of floor on which you will be placing them.

Tables, coffee tables and lamp tables

Tables, coffee tables and lamp tables are often requested in special sizes and sizes can be adjusted to fit your requirements. For tables we offer more than 100 different finishes. If needed you can send us the sample of the finish you need and we will color match it. Tables can be fixed or extendible. A normal dining table can often be the starting idea to decide the style of a large conference table.

Cabinets as glass cases, sideboard, wardrobes, chest and bedside cabinets

These sometimes don’t fit or are too small for the room so they need to be made in special sizes. In this case, we can make them in special dimensions; size adjustments are easier to be carried out on some specific models and depends also from the required finish. You can refer to us with your specific request and we will be happy to discuss it in order to offer you the best possible solution.

Can Sevensedie reproduce a model designed by a customer?

Yes we can reproduce a model designed by a customer and we would call this a bespoke model. Generally this is what our clients require for large contract projects where thanks to the large quantities required it is possible to have a unique and exclusive piece of Italian furniture at a very reasonable price.

Can we as your customer provide you with our upholstery material?

Yes, Sevensedie will be happy to upholster any article with fabric or leather provided by the client. In our price list and in any of our technical charts you will find the fabric / leather requirements for all our models. Please pay attention as the need on some chairs is calculated on a minimum quantity of 2 or 4 pieces. If you will send us the fabric please make sure it is suitable for upholstery, generally this should be clearly stated by your fabric supplier on the fabric book. Leather should not be too thick; 0,8mm would be ideal and it should be soft. If you have any doubts please submit a sample or contact our office before selecting and sending us the upholstery material.

Do you replace faulty products?

Yes, we do. There is only a remote possibility of a manufacturing fault considering the strict quality control that all products must pass, however if this should occur we will replace the product promptly. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

What type of wood do you use?

It depends on the product. For example for our classic and contemporary chair frames we use mainly Beech wood even if for some models we use Ash wood. For bespoke chairs generally the wood to be used is specified by the client; it could be Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry, Oak or any other kind of hardwood as long as it has the right consistency to ensure a robust and long lasting construction. For cabinets, we use Linden wood, Ash wood, Cherry, Tulip wood, Walnut and many others.
All woods we use are coming from sustainable sources and they respect the chain of custody of forest based products. The composite panels complies with Formaldehyde emission standards and for some collection we we use panels which complies with the CARB “California Air Resources Board” regulation.

What finishes do you offer?

We offer a very wide range of finishes. Our finishes chart counts more than one hundred different finishes, covering all the spectrum from antique looking and distressed finishes with gold or silver leaf accents to the more modern hi gloss finishes. We can also offer our Italian furniture in any RAL or NCS color in matt, semi gloss and on some products even hi gloss polyester finish. For more information about this, please visit the page Polish and lacquer finishes.
And if this was not enough you can send us a sample of the finish you like and we could color match it “Stain to sample”.

Do you furnish whole rooms and interiors?

Yes, Sevensedie can supply you with furniture for the whole room, from dining rooms to living rooms, from bedrooms to lounges. Our website is a perfect working tool to browse through our products; you can view the products by category, chairs, tables, coffee tables and lamp tables, sofas, armchairs, beds and so on… Alternatively you can look at products divided by collection: our collections Butterfly, Ellipse and Modern are the perfect furnishing solution for your house as they cover all styles from classic to modern and contemporary. Each collection includes furniture for each area of your home, dining, living, and bedroom.

Do you manufacture Louis style chairs?

Yes, we do. Sevensedie was born as a manufacturer of classic chairs and we still produce them. Our Louis style chairs are known all over the world and are used by some of the most famous hotels and restaurants. You can see the Luigi chair, a perfect replica from the Louis XVI style at Hotel Moresco in Venice.

The Luigi chair is probably our most popular classic replica chair, to accompany this elegant chair, available also as stackable chair, we offer many more models in the same Louis XVI style.

We produce classic chairs in Louis Philippe style and the Sabry restaurant chair is a perfect example of this style. You can see the Sabry chair polished in black and upholstered in real leather in matching black color at the Ludwigs restaurant in Germany.

In this same beautiful location you can see the classic Liberty bar stool another perfect example of a replica Louis Philippe style.

Which other classic replica chairs do you manufacture?

Most of our classic italian chairs are replicas of some famous style from the past. As well as Louis Philippe and Louis XVI, which are the two styles for which Sevensedie is renowned in all countries as a manufacturer of hi quality classic italian chairs, we produce replica chairs in many other styles. We produce chairs which are replicas from all the following styles:

  • Baroque

  • Biedermeier

  • Empire

  • Chippendale

  • Vintage age

  • Napoleon III

All these beautiful models are presented on our webpage on the classic dining chair section.

Do you produce contemporary replica chairs?

Yes, we do. When we talk of replica chairs we immediately think of a classic chair in Baroque or Louis style but there are also contemporary replica chairs. Replica chairs can also be contemporary chairs, in our range of contemporary chairs you will find replica chairs from American, Danish and Fifties styles.

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