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Does the Sevensedie range of products include both classic and modern lines?

Yes, it does. Sevensedie was originally born as a company that manufactured classic style chairs and this is still the soul of our business, however our products are now reinterpreted in a contemporary way with modern designs.

Does Sevensedie only offer chairs, sofas and seating?

No, we offer products to furnish whole rooms and interiors.

Does Sevensedie produce the articles it offers in-house?

Yes, it does. All the products are conceived, designed, developed and manufactured in our plant. Sevensedie follows and checks the entire production process thanks to the collaboration of experts and architects and to the commitment and dedication of its employees.

Do Sevensedie products have to meet specific standards?

Yes, they have to comply with very high standards. Attention to detail, manufacturing precision, product perfection and the guarantee that the product is entirely “made in Italy” are all checked by a strict quality control process.

Can all products be customised?

Yes, all products are customisable: from the lacquer finish to the upholstery and we continuously offer new proposals.

Can Sevensedie reproduce a model supplied by a customer?

Yes, we also offer this service.

Can customers provide the material for the finishings?

Yes, Sevensedie will be happy to satisfy customers’ specific requests (for example to match the finishing of the other articles that the customer already has). The company can also work with fabrics provided by the customer.

Do you replace faulty products?

Yes, we do. There is only a remote possibility of a manufacturing fault considering the strict quality control that all products must pass, however if this should occur we will replace the product promptly.

What type of wood do you use?

Beech wood is used for 95% of the products. Other types of wood are used for the remaining part.

What finishes do you offer?

Practically all, both in terms of lacquering and upholstery.

Do you furnish whole rooms and interiors?

Yes, Sevensedie can supply whole rooms, from dining rooms to living rooms, from bedrooms to lounges.

Do you manufacture Louis XIV style chairs?

Yes, we do. Sevensedie was born as manufacturer of classic style chairs and we still produce them.

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