Italian Armchairs

Italian armchairs in classic design for residential, hotel and restaurant.
Our classic armchairs, made of the highest quality wood, are also replica armchairs, as Louis XVI, Biedermeier, Baroque and in Venetian style for a perfect reproduction of the traditional Italian luxury environment. A large and evergroving contemporary armchair selection which satisfies all designers needs and expectations.

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italian modern armchair kami 3921 Kami
ART 0022P
contemporary armchair platis 513 Platis
ART 0029P
italian modern armchair ostrea 3999 Ostrea
ART 0030P
italian modern armchair amada 6987 Amada
ART 0035P
italian modern armchair noka 981 Noka
italian modern armchair kami b 3943 Kami
italian classic armchair jacques 7088 Jacques
ART 0114P
italian classic armchair cresta 942 Cresta
ART 0115P
classic armchair luigi 1466 Luigi
ART 0162P
replica armchair filippo 2441 Filippo
ART 0217P
replica armchair foglia 2914 Foglia
ART 0218P
replica armchair altea 5795 Altea
ART 0225P
italian classic armchair teseo 5419 Teseo
ART 0239P
luis style armchair zeta 8410 Zeta
ART 0243P
replica armchair monsieur 6199 Monsieur
ART 0295P
talian contemporary armchair romeo 6455 Romeo
ART 0407P
italian classic chair taurus 5936 Taurus
ART 0416P
italian armchair irene 6355 Irene
ART 0451P
italian armchair beatrice 8876 Beatrice
ART 0501P
italian contemporary armchair alma 2368 Alma
ART 0551P
italian contemporary armchair dorotea 3716 Dorotea
ART 0595P
italian armchair celine 3150 Celine
ART 0615P
italian modern armchair rocca 9771 Rocca
ART 0670P
luis style armchair diva 5074 Diva
ART 0709P
luis style armchair diva 1987 Diva
ART 0710P
italian armchair iris 269 Iris
ART 0723P
italian modern armchair alessia 4882 Alessia
ART 0724P
italian armchair noemi 2327 Noemi
ART 0725P
italian armchair afrodite 7249 Afrodite
ART 0731A
modern armchair marcella 2854 Marcella
ART 0754P
classic armchair stradivari 9817 Stradivari
ART 0776P
classic armchair pollia 9423 Pollia
ART 0909P
italian classic armchair pollia 4826 Pollia
ART 0910P
luis style armchair luisa 1727 Luisa
ART 3265P
luis style armchair astrid 8604 Astrid
ART 3465P
hotel armchair febo 8879 Febo
ART 9100P
white italian leather armchair palermo 5764 Palermo
ART 9102P
italian classic armchair cloe 345 Cloe
ART 9144P
italian contemporary armchair miranda 5306 Miranda
ART 9158P
replica armchair cube 6856 Cube
ART 9171P
italian chair cube 1561 Cube
ART 9171S
hotel armchair sara 1810 Sara
ART 9173P
replica armchair cleopatra 1539 Cleopatra
ART 9175P
italian classic armchair cesare 6467 Cesare
ART 9185P
italian classic armchair rhombus 7951 Rhombus
ART 9190P
replica armchair naxos 4945 Naxos
ART 9191P
italian contemporary armchair diletta 2752 Diletta
ART 9192P
italian classic armchair desmi 6929 Desmi
ART 9193P
italian classic armchair leia 8913 Leia
ART 9194P
classic armchair elena 5300 Elena
ART 9196P
classic style wood armchair foglia 3264 Foglia
ART 9218P
luis style armchair iside 9749 Iside
ART 9248P
luis style armchair duchessa 4430 Duchessa
ART 9261P
luis style armchair luisa 5030 Luisa
ART 9265P
luis style armchair luigi 2349 Luigi
ART 9275P
italian classic armchair luigi 2689 Luigi
ART 9276P
classic armchair doyle 8199 Doyle
ART 9396P
italian classic armchair lutezia 6454 Lutezia
ART 9435P
replica armchair gallia 11 Gallia
ART 9436P
italian armchair spagna 8262 Spagna
ART 9437P
italian armchair queen 5073 Queen
ART 9450P
italian contemporary armchair lixis 592 Lixis
ART 9452P
italian armchair king 8335 King
ART 9453P
modern armchair boston 9659 Boston
ART 9454P
classic armchair spagna 148 Spagna
ART 9457P
replica armchair astrid 2312 Astrid
ART 9465P
italian classic armchair scalea 5802 Scalea
ART 9471P
italian classic armchair vienna 5480 Vienna
ART 9486P
italian armchair victoria 433 Victoria
ART 9490P
hotel armchair eneide 8690 Eneide
ART 9502P
hotel armchair tevere 7800 Tevere
ART 9503P
leather armchair alsazia 8463 Alsazia
ART 9507P
italian armchair augusto 1367 Augusto
ART 9508P
hotel armchair old england 6052 Old England
ART 9596P
italian leather armchair old england 4674 Old England
ART 9597P
italian modern chair club 8872 Club
ART 9622P
italian chair club 4043 Club
ART 9623P
italian contemporary armchair mystirio 7842 Mystirio
ART 9624P
italian modern armchair club 4987 Club
ART 9632P
modern armchair club 6879 Club
ART 9633P
italian armchair mystirio 5990 Mystirio
ART 9644PL
contemporary armchair mystirio 9935 Mystirio
ART 9644PR
italian classic armchair europa 5342 Europa
ART 9650P
replica armchair vesta 7047 Vesta
ART 9708P
italian contemporary armchair dalila 2793 Dalila
ART 9729P
italian classic armchair logan 8189 Logan
ART 9732P
replica armchair lusso 6886 Lusso
ART 9746P
italian armchair duchessa 7953 Duchessa
ART 9761P
italian classic armchair carmen 5784 Carmen
ART 9788P
italian contemporary armchair giunone 5523 Giunone
ART 9790P
8770 modern style wood armchair gardamodern style wood armchair garda Garda
ART 9792P
italian classic armchair enea 2991 Enea
ART 9796P
italian classic armchair giove 8120 Giove
ART 9830P
italian contemporary armchair fortuna 6318 Fortuna
ART 9850P
italian contemporary armchair split 963 Split
ART 9851P
italian classic armchair hedra 7167 Hedra
ART 9870P
hotel armchair kalo 8817 Kalo
ART 9904P

Our classic armchairs

80% of our armchairs are in a classic style. Made exclusively in Italy with the highest quality materials.

Part of the manufacturing is still done by hand, according to the best tradition of Italian furniture production.

Replica Armchairs

Replica Armchairs

Most classic italian armchairs are often replica models of famous epoques: Louis style, Biedermeier, Baroque, liberty, Louis Philippe and many more. On a replica armchair special attention is paid to the finish and to the upholstery material in order to achieve a unique and elegant vintage look.

Contract Sector: armchairs for hotels and restaurants

Over the last twenty years Sevensedie has developed a great deal of experience in the contract sector. Many hotels and restaurants all over the world have chosen our made in Italy armchairs.

Discover more about our contract furniture.

Contract Sector: armchairs for hotels and restaurants
Many hotels and restaurants all over the world have chosen our made in Italy armchairs

Do you need a bespoke armchair?

Have you designed, and built a unique location, a private luxury villa or an exclusive hotel lobby and you can not find the perfect armchair you had in mind?
The best and sometimes the only solution to reach the top result is to go for a bespoke armchair; this will be tailor made according to your exact requirements and will be the cherry on the cake of your project!

Small armchairs

Maybe you want a small armchair to be used as a comfortable dining chair with arms? In this case, please visit our small armchairs section.

Small armchairs

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