Swivel chairs

Comfortable and functional chairs and armchairs that not lose the innate elegance of each of our product; designed for the office, they can be proposed without fear in every ambient of your home.
2500 classic style wood armchair president
President Art. 0105P
classic style wood armchair eleonora 3121
Eleonora Art. 0153P
926 classic style wood swivel armchair flavia
Flavia Art. 0163P
7368 classic style wood armchair ducale
Ducale Art. 0174P
classic style wood swivel armchair diderot 660
Diderot Art. 0316P
classic style wood swivel armchair franklin 5684
Franklin Art. 0357P
classic style wood swivel armchair locke 137
Locke Art. 0358P
5564 baroque style wood swivel armchair vera
Vera Art. 0360P
7085 classic style wood armchair atena
Atena Art. 0466A
4883 classic style wood armchair ursula
Ursula Art. 0476P
classic style wood armchair auctor 13 1021
Auctor Art. 0594P
modern style wood armchair kelyfos 405
Kelyfos Art. 0621P
classic style wood chair amina 1376 5562
Amina Art. 0634S
5651 classic style wood armchair paris
Paris Art. 0699A
5614 modern style wood armchair edward
Edward Art. 0810A
sedia legno moderno wood modern chair edward 6373
Edward Art. 0810S
1408 modern style wood armchair future
Future Art. 0820S
26 classic style armchair desmi
Desmi Art. 9593P

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