Custom furniture

Client's ideas become reality. In Sevensedie we follow the request to create custom furniture. Design, materials and finishes, every article can be can be customized down to the smallest details. And with our experience every detail will be made to perfection.
modern style wood armchair custom7 3035
Custom007 Art. 0a810S
3569 classic style wood wardrobe custom063
Custom063 Art. 0aAR350
classic style wood console custom036 7079
Custom036 Art. 0aCL14
7833 classic style wood fireplace custom64
Custom064 Art. 0aCM01
classic style wood sideboard custom004 4423
Custom004 Art. 0aCR08
modern style wod ottoman custom048 263
Custom048 Art. 0aGE01O
modern style wood bookcase custom045 9389 343
Custom045 Art. 0aLB350
modern style wood suitcaserest custom043 1163
Custom043 Art. 0aSR70
8918 modern style metal table custom065
Custom065 Art. 0aTA147EV
classic style wood table custom049 6319
Custom049 Art. 0aTA181
modern style wood table custom047 8925
Custom047 Art. 0aTA198
modern style wood table custom060 4567
Custom060 Art. 0aTA411
baroque style wood table custom16 3559
Custom016 Art. 0aTA660
modern style wood glasscupboard custom041 2598
Custom041 Art. 0aVE354
modern style wood glasscupboard custom042 3388
Custom042 Art. 0aVE356
modern style wood bookcase custom030 7743
Custom030 Art. 0bLB355
8804 modern style wood writingdesk custom058
Custom058 Art. 0bST4001
120 modern style wood table custom031
Custom031 Art. 0bTA188
modern style wood bedside table claudius 7372
Claudius Art. 0CD50
modern style wood bedside table claudius 6041
Claudius Art. 0CD70
2846 modern style wood armchair custom062
Custom062 Art. 0CH4A
4651 modern style wood chair custom062
Custom062 Art. 0CH4S
consolle legno moderno wood modern console table cassia 5498
Cassia Art. 0CL50
consolle legno moderno wood modern console table aurelia 7998 8045
Aurelia Art. 0CL70
modern style wood bookcase custom059 6554
Custom059 Art. 0cLB355
modern style wood chest caesar 2 1247
Caesar Art. 0CO50
modern style wood chest caesar 8671
Caesar Art. 0CO70
55 modern style wood sideboard giulius
Giulius Art. 0CR501
73 modern style wood sideboard giulius b
Giulius Art. 0CR701
6486 modern style wood tall table custom033
Custom033 Art. 0cTA128
5796 modern style wood table custom032
Custom032 Art. 0cTA189
3466 modern style wood table custom027
Custom027 Art. 0cTA212
1022 modern style wood table custom028
Custom028 Art. 0cTA213
venice style wood table custom17 3375
Custom017 Art. 0cTA81
modern style wood glass cupboard custom035 2332
Custom035 Art. 0cVE353
modern style wood table custom039 3153
Custom039 Art. 0dTA188
modern style wood glasscupboard custom038 5160
Custom038 Art. 0dVE355
modern style wood chair custom053 3007
Custom053 Art. 0e326S
modern style wood glasscupboard custom040 2372
Custom040 Art. 0eVE354
classic style wood bench custom003 4068
Custom003 Art. 0FR02Q
classic style wood ottoman custom006 8220
Custom006 Art. 0FS02O
4375 modern style wood ottoman custom023
Custom023 Art. 0GE01O
9389 modern style wood ottoman custom024
Custom024 Art. 0GE02O
45 modern style wood bed augustus
Augustus Art. 0GL50
modern style wood bed augustus b1 5762
Augustus Art. 0GL70
6993 classic style wood cot custom034
Custom034 Art. 0LTNE01
modern style wood table custom018 8564
Custom018 Art. 0mTA70
modern style wood armchair custom12 2804
Custom012 Art. 0NE3S
6623 modern style wood sofa custom11
Custom011 Art. 0NE7Q
classic style wood armchair custom044 6089
Custom044 Art. 0PC01A
classic style wood chair custom044 4819
Custom044 Art. 0PC01S
contemporary style wood fridge wall modulus 8040 7830
Modulus 8040 Art. 0PM700
contemporary style wood clotheshook modulus 8040 4217
Modulus 8040 Art. 0PM701
contemporary style wood fitted wall modulus 8040 7126
Modulus 8040 Art. 0PM702
modern style wood table custom052 155
Custom052 Art. 0qTA70
modern style metal chair custom056 3816
Custom056 Art. 0RS1A
6870 modern style wood luggage rack ottavia
Ottavia Art. 0SR70
2319 modern style wood writing desk aurelius
Aurelius Art. 0ST70
scrivania legno moderno wood modern writing desk cassia 560
Cassia Art. 0ST701
9282 modern style wood writing desk custom022
Custom022 Art. 0STFS08
modern style wood table ada 4855
Ada Art. 0TA1000M
4280 modern style wood table linteum
Linteum Art. 0TA202
276 modern style wood table custom014 1
Custom014 Art. 0TA710
modern style wood table custom054 4464
Custom054 Art. 0TACO1
modern style wood table custom055 382
Custom055 Art. 0TACO2
2495 modern style wood table custom021
Custom021 Art. 0TANE5
modern style metal table custom020 3017
Custom020 Art. 0TANE7
modern style wood bedhead augustus 62 6373
Augustus Art. 0TE70
6408 modern style wood sofa custom072
Custom072 Art. 9o452G

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