Italian Hand Made Rugs

Travelling from country to country, near to Varanasi which is the holiest of the sacred cities of India, we discovered a district of expert artisans specializing in the production of hand tufted rugs. Having seen the excellent craftsmanship we soon decided to include in our offer these beautiful and valuable rugs.
All our rugs are available as rectangular in sizes 250x300 and 270x350 or in round shape with diameter 260 (centimeters). As each single hand made rug is individually produced, it can also be customized to special sizes to perfectly fulfill your specific requirements.
Armilla Art. 0TT01A00001
Armillabig Art. 0TT02A00002
Armillabig Art. 0TT02C00004
English Art. 0TT03A00005
Frames Art. 0TT04A00005
Grid Art. 0TT05A00004
Damask Art. 0TT06A00002
Cloud Art. 0TT07A00004
Cuadro Art. 0TT08A00004
Classics Art. 0TT09A00001

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