Ceramic: a functional, hard wearing material. Stunning look, low maintenance.

Ceramic is an innovative and increasingly popular material in the world of furniture. Available in multiple colors and designs, it allows you to create unique and exclusive environments. With slabs that in some colors and designs can measure up to 3 meters and 20 by 1 meter and 60, ceramic gives us the possibility of covering large surfaces without having to resort to often unsightly joints.

Ceramic is resistant to acids, you can safely prepare food and drinks using lemon, vinegar or alcoholic drinks without worrying about ruining the surface.
You can work directly on a ceramic top with knives and other kitchen utensils as the material is highly resistant to abrasions and scratches. Another important feature of this splendid material is its resistance to very high temperatures. Ceramic is produced with a mixture of clays that are treated at very high temperatures, between 1,200 and 1,300 degrees, which gives it a very high resistance to high temperatures. Contact with pots at 300-400 degrees does not cause any damage to this splendid material. Below is our ceramics range.

Black Veins
Brown Mood
Black Flashes

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