Classic and contemporary chairs made in Italy

The Sevensedie dining chairs collection is vast and eclectic. It incorporates more than 150 models of classic, contemporary and replica chairs all made in Italy. All over the world the most elegant and exclusive hotels and restaurant value our chairs for their quality. Hotel park in Croatia, Pushkin restaurant in Moscow and hotel Moresco in Venice are just a few of the projects we have recently completed.

Classic Chairs

We are the leading classic chairs manufacturer in Italy, with more than 40 years of experience. If you are looking for hotel chairs or restaurant chairs you need to look no further. Our contract chairs range includes an extensive selection of replica chairs in the styles Louis XIV, XV, XVI.

Baroque, Venetian and Biedermeier are only some of the other styles you can find in our collection. For many projects, depending on the required quantity, we can also produce bespoke chairs. If you are after a specific model that is not on this page contact us and we will be delighted to assist you.

restaurant chair cresta 6572 Cresta
ART 0115S
italian classic chair angelo 5718 Angelo
ART 0143S
italian classic chair serena 1546 Serena
ART 0145S
classic armchair archetto 9848 Archetto
ART 0166S
replica chair ricciolo 304 Ricciolo
ART 0167S
italian classic chair ducale 4333 Ducale
ART 0174S
italian classic chair anna 829 Anna
ART 0183S
replica chair aster 6101 Aster
ART 0184S
classic chair stellina 4310 Stellina
ART 0202S
replica chair trearchi 3903 Trearchi
ART 0203S
replica chair bella 359 Bella
ART 0204S
replica chair liberty 6861 Liberty
ART 0205S
restaurant chair sabry 2385 Sabry
ART 0206S
replica chair traforata 4273 Traforata
ART 0209S
luis style chair fiorino 3861 Fiorino
ART 0227S
classic chair minister 8645 Minister
ART 0244S
replica chair luigi 4263 Luigi
ART 0252S
luis style chair luigi 1985 Luigi
ART 0253S
classic chair rousseau 1631 Rousseau
ART 0256S
replica chair miledi 6704 Miledi
ART 0266S
replica chair luigi 871 Luigi
ART 0272S
italian chair jacopo 9337 Jacopo
ART 0282S
italian classic chair radica 8987 Radica
ART 0283S
italian classic chair goethe 3745 Goethe
ART 0284S
italian classic chair svevo 8818 Svevo
ART 0287S
italian classic chair croce 3038 Croce
ART 0291S
classic chair modigliani 3652 Modigliani
ART 0292S
replica chair monsieur 2650 Monsieur
ART 0295S
italian classic chair paris 9342 Paris
ART 0299S
restaurant chair praga 4061 Praga
ART 0300S
classic chair bronte 1568 Bronte
ART 0340S
restaurant chair evia 8959 Evia
ART 0355S
classic chair salgari 3598 Salgari
ART 0382S
hotel chair svetlana 5037 Svetlana
ART 0411S
replica chair olga 4411 Olga
ART 0412S
italian classic chair chiara 5911 Chiara
ART 0415S
italian chair adele 2867 Adele
ART 0418S
restaurant chair fiorino 630 Fiorino
ART 0427S
italian classic chair cremona 4991 Cremona
ART 0428S
italian chair amelia 458 Amelia
ART 0429S
italian classic chair prince 9178 Prince
ART 0431S
replica chair lorena 6253 Lorena
ART 0439S
italian classic chair roma 4785 Roma
ART 0440S
classic chair kiev 4403 Kiev
ART 0456S
italian classic chair aria 4730 Aria
ART 0462S
italian classic chair astra 8340 Astra
ART 0463S
italian classic chair verona 4636 Verona
ART 0467S
italian chair claudia 2045 Claudia
ART 0481S
leather chair york 7939 York
ART 0499S
italian classic chair cremona 385 Cremona
classic chair tasinea 5286 Tasinea
ART 0514S
italian chair siatena 4855 Siatena
ART 0515S
italian chair antesia 97 Antesia
ART 0516S
italian classic chair alcide 3410 Alcide
ART 0517S
italian classic chair torino 3996 Torino
ART 0520S
classic chair torino 5192 Torino
ART 0521S
classic chair torino 6762 Torino
ART 0522S
italian classic chair amanda 7401 Amanda
ART 0527S
replica chair grazia 6617 Grazia
ART 0528S
replica chair amelia 6994 Amelia
ART 0529S
classic chair brooklyn 5012 Brooklyn
ART 0567S
classic chair maria 8885 Maria
ART 0581S
italian classic chair liberty 6858 Liberty
ART 0605S
restaurant chair amanda 7461 Amanda
ART 0627S
italian classic chair savoia 9928 Savoia
ART 0652S
hotel chair savoia 7376 Savoia
ART 0653S
italian classic chair nova 742 Nova
ART 0681S
classic chair sole 7194 Sole
ART 0706S
luis style chair luigia 835 Luigia
ART 0742S
replica chair ginevra 275 Ginevra
ART 0743S
luis style chair adriana 5389 Adriana
ART 0744S
italian chair castello 50 Castello
ART 0747S
luis style chair fiorino 9336 Fiorino
ART 3227S
replica chair luigi 8767 Luigi
ART 3252S
replica chair rousseau 9208 Rousseau
ART 3256S
luis style chair luigi 1602 Luigi
ART 3272S
hotel chair praga 8800 Praga
ART 3300S
italian classic chair vienna 133 Vienna
ART 9486S

Contemporary Chairs

We are proud of our contemporary chairs range. New dining chairs for hotels and restaurants come to life everyday at Sevensedie. Often we work hand in hand with our clients to realize their unique bespoke chairs.

Our contemporary contract chairs range is constantly growing. On average every month two new chairs in contemporary style or replica designer chairs are added to this fantastic selection.

italian modern chair carmela 7456 Carmela
ART 0020S
italian modern chair meia 4142 Meia
ART 0023S
italian contemporary chair detroit 4078 Detroit
ART 0025S
italian modern chair wave 5354 Wave
ART 0027S
italian chair lexi 9083 Lexi
ART 0028S
italian chair curve 1116 Curve
ART 0098S
italian contemporary chair luna 4244 Luna
ART 0146S
restaurant chair sofia 3395 Sophia
ART 0180S
restaurant chair angel 2942 Angel
ART 0181S
contemporary chair svezia 2890 Svezia
ART 0226S
modern chair danimarca 4389 Danimarca
ART 0228S
italian modern chair tallinn 7944 Tallinn
ART 0230S
italian contemporary chair jenny 7383 Jenny
ART 0274S
italian chair joice 1356 Joyce
ART 0278S
restaurant chair anello 4558 Anello
ART 0319S
italian chair arianna 6052 Arianna
ART 0324S
italian chair svezia 8032 Svezia
ART 0326S
restaurant chair gaston 3892 Gaston
ART 0339S
replica chair matilde 5421 Matilde
ART 0346S
italian contemporary chair kara 6588 Kara
ART 0408S
restaurant chair olimpia 7050 Olimpia
ART 0410S
replica chair calipso 5555 Calipso
ART 0414S
restaurant chair anello 8123 Anello
ART 0419S
italian contemporary chair moderna 2415 Modena
ART 0421S
classic chair vanity 5050 Vanity
ART 0422S
modern style wood chair norvegia 6427 Norvegia
ART 0426S
contemporary chair amina 2666 Amina
ART 0434S
modern chair queen 4627 Queen
ART 0450S
italian modern chair acate 7760 Acate
ART 0464S
classic chair scalea 8458 Scalea
ART 0471S
contemporary chair favola 1796 Favola
ART 0474S
italian classic chair milano 1031 Milano
ART 0492S
italian contemporary chair feel 9657 Feel
ART 0493S
modern chair olimpia 7974 Olimpia
restaurant chair queen 1163 Queen
italian modern armchair pisa 4487 Pisa
ART 0512S
restaurant chair arianna 7383 Arianna
ART 0524S
modern chair norvegia 2 7287 Norvegia
ART 0526S
italian chair eva 2508 Eva
ART 0603S
italian chair marta 1244 Marta
ART 0604S
classic chair ramses 7989 Ramses
ART 0610S
italian modern chair auribus 8577 Auribus
ART 0612S
talian modern chair kisa 3696 Kisa
ART 0618S
italian chair giulia 288 Giulia
ART 0638S
italian modern chair alide 6823 Alide
ART 0639S
modern chair babette 7285 Babette
ART 0640S
italian modern chair cannes 8665 Cannes
ART 0658S
italian modern chair leggera 3179 Leggera
ART 0680S
restaurant chair ladili 2005 Ladylì
ART 0700S
contemporary chair pisa 5548 Pisa
ART 0712S
contemporary chair rachele 7494 Rachele
ART 0726S
contemporary chair francesca 6121 Francesca
ART 0727S
italian classic chair lia 8982 Lia
ART 0728S
italian classic chair letizia 2006 Letizia
ART 0733S
italian classic chair alice 248 Alice
ART 0734S
classic chair alice 6308 Alice
ART 0735S
italian chair alice 9827 Alice
ART 0736S
italian contemporary chair manhattan 2388 Manhattan
ART 0739S
italian contemporary chair ladyli 2059 Ladylì
ART 0770S
contemporary chair julia 7119 Julia
ART 0805S
contemporary chair tatiana 8329 Tatiana
ART 0806S
italian contemporary chair minus 3619 Minus
ART 3530S
italian contemporary chair ladyli 9226 Ladylì
ART 4700S
italian contemporary chair london 9 London
ART 9130S
restaurant chair london 831 London
ART 9330S

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