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The Italian furniture company Sevensedie started out a long time ago: a history of talent and design made in Italy

In 1965 the Italian entrepreneur Diego Piva opened a workshop where he built what he made the best: wooden classic chairs. The quality of his work was quickly appreciated. The small carpenter’s workshop opened up to new projects whilst maintaining the same high quality: it became an Italian furniture company that constantly expanded.
Diego’s expertise and ability was rewarded by having given life to something important which over the years has never stopped growing (just like a child).

After years at the head of the company Diego Piva decided to hand over the management to three long standing collaborators: Massimo, Federico and Luca. Today they run the Italian manufacturing company eager to pursue the original philosophy but combining it with innovation.
The new management took the company in their own hands, with great effort and determination they refreshed the product range and they started to approach the furniture market with a new spirit. Next to the traditional italian chairs production they introduced many new design chairs and armchairs in contemporary and modern styles.

Chairs were not enough to satisfy the ever growing demand for quality Italian furniture. Soon sofas, tables, coffee tables, cabinets and bedroom furniture were added to the product range.
The company has been exhibiting at the most famous Italian furniture trade fair worldwide, I saloni Milano for 35 consecutive years since the first participation in 1985.

Today Sevensedie is recognizable all over the world for its distinctive Italian furniture collections that can cover any demand from classic to modern and contemporary style.
With many years of experience in the furnishing business Sevensedie is the ideal partner for any of your projects: from furnishing a small apartment, a villa, a hotel or a restaurant up to a luxury Italian furniture for a cruise liner.

Italian Partner at Sevensedie: Federico Saoncella (left), Massimo Ongaro and Luca Osti (right)

Sevensedie has always put people first and adopted a merit based system

Full of enthusiasm and ideas, the new partners have developed the brand guided by the principles of quality and personality, positioning it as a point of reference of Italian furniture for style and design. The new team safeguards and guarantees the soul of Sevensedie while successfully tackling the continuous market challenges.

A furnished room with items from Sevensedie Ellipse collection: gold plated metal base consolle, lamp tables and marble top coffee table. A sofa with matching armchair and a TV stand on the far wall Living Ellipse Collection Living Ellipse Collection

Furniture manufacturing

The challenge is to create Italian furniture by merging traditional craftsmanship with modern day technology.

Our production process includes hand-made manufacturing and cutting edge machinery supervised by skilled Italian experts. We follow the entire process from the idea to the assembly, down to the smallest detail. The strict quality control process ensures that each Sevensedie product meets the highest expectations for Italian design and quality.

Right from the start Sevensedie has been a specialized Italian producer of classic chair frames, starting from 1965 to the late 1980’s. This was a time when the key factor to success was focusing on mass production of a limited number of articles at a very competitive price. A time when many producers were offering the same models and lowering the cost of production was a must to stay in the market.

In the early 90’s, to increase the level of quality and in order to give a more complete service to all clients, the company, beside the raw chair frames, started producing and distributing also the finished classic chairs. From that moment Sevensedie has been growing constantly along with the company’s product range.
Following the increasing demand for complete furnished interiors we added to our product range many more chair models, next to the chairs we have started to offer:

We are no longer just a chair producer; with our vast product, with our vast product range it is possible to furnish any home top to bottom in a classic, contemporary or modern style. In the last 10 years the demand for bespoke and custom made chairs and for Italian furniture in general has been growing constantly. To meet the higher expectation of our clients we have learnt to be more flexible, we have revised our production processes and we have restructured our factory with modern and high performing machinery.

We are now able to fulfil any project: from the small ones for private villas to the largest hotels and restaurants. Whether you need one chair or you need to furnish a large hotel complex Sevensedie is your ideal partner.

Classic, Modern and Contemporary Italian Furniture

Following the client’s demand throughout the years, Sevensedie has increased the product range by adding to the well known classic the new modern and contemporary italian furniture.
Italian classic furniture  by Sevensedie, Butterfly dining room set Dinning Butterfly Collection Dinning Butterfly Collection

Classic Italian Furniture

Butterfly is a classic Italian furniture collection where the lines are designed to make each setting enchanting with an Italian inspiration. The name of this collection is a tribute to the work of Giacomo Puccini: an example for those who, like us, want to give others something marvelous, designed and built in Italy with an international feel.

Italian modern furniture collection by Sevensedie set up in a New York loft Living Modern Collection

Modern Italian Furniture

Nomen est omen. And so Modern is an eclectic collection of modern Italian furniture, including sofas, cabinets, armchairs, coffee tables, dining tables and cabinets. Real Ash and Walnut wood, marble as Carrara and Dark Emperador, metal chrome or gold plated structures, different materials combined with each other to achieve an exclusive and elegant look. Highly customizable, all the items in this Modern collection are suitable for residential and Ho.Re.Ca projects.

Italian contemporary furniture Ellipse by Sevensedie Sleeping Ellipse Collection

Contemporary Italian Furniture

The contemporary Italian furniture collection Ellipse by Sevensedie transforms all furniture elements according to criteria of modularity and customization. A strong emphasis on Italian quality with predominance of Cherry wood and metal elements. Not forgetting the great attention to details with a wide choice of finishes, always a trademark in all Sevensedie products.

Over the years the product range has widened so much that Sevensedie is no longer just a producer of italian chairs but a complete Italian furniture manufacturer. The offer of Sevensedie nowadays includes tables, coffee tables, cabinets, sofas, sideboards and even bar stools, mirrors, lamps and bedroom furniture.

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Hotel & Restaurant Furniture

Nowadays Sevensedie is one of the Italian leading hotel and restaurant furniture producers in the world.

We have contributed to the furnishing of hotels and restaurants in Italy, China, UK, Russia, Germany, Estonia, Croatia, Austria, South Korea, Ukraine, Slovakia and France.
The Imperial Seal restaurant in Shanghai, with a wonderful view over the Huangpu river, has a touch of Italian style. The restaurant has been fitted with classic italian dining chairs, armchairs and sofas in classic and contemporary style.

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The Imperial Seal Restaurant in Shanghai The Imperial Seal Restaurant in Shanghai
Hotel Park, Spalato, Croazia Hotel Park, Spalato, Croazia Hotel Park, Spalato, Croazia

Hotel park is situated in Split, one of the most prestigious and historic locations in Croatia. Sevensedie carried out the complete furniture renovation, we furnished the lobby as well as the restaurant, the reception zone and all the rooms with top quality italian classic furniture.

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We provide our clients in the contract sector with professional advice for the choice of style and characteristics of the furniture. On several occasions we have created bespoke furniture for a restaurant or hotel. For example we customized the classic chair PRAGA for an Italian restaurant in Milan and produced the bespoke restaurant chair MINUS with a much more contemporary look.

Italian Quality

The production process enhances the craftsmanship and supports it with technology to guarantee short delivery times.

The company’s sophisticated management system ensures precision and flexibility. Behind the machines however there are people: thanks to their contribution, Sevensedie products always distinguish themselves for their creative and unique features.
Beech wood, high quality fabrics and exclusive finishes: a careful selection of the materials are the fundamental ingredients of Sevensedie’s manufacture: interiors, chairs, sofas and other seating.

3 sofas a wooden coffee table, a gold plated mirror frame and a standing lamp from the Italian luxury furniture collection Butterfly by Sevensedie

Sevensedie is proud of its solidity as an Italian furniture company: employees and suppliers worldwide have always taken part in the development of the brand, often with an exclusive relationship. Customers demand for new and often bespoke furniture give us everyday the incentive to research, design and create new and innovative products.
Its history, products, quality and solidity make Sevensedie a professional and reliable Italian partner for your furniture projects.

Green soul: because ecology

We produce wooden classic and contemporary chairs and furnish interiors thanks to nature. Without trees however there would not be any wooden furniture.

The company has made the ethical choice to work with suppliers that are involved in reforestation programmes.
This is where our Italian design, quality furniture meets ecology.
Sevensedie has invested in renewable energy and has installed a 158.7 Kwp photovoltaic system that covers the energy needs of the entire furniture production process.
We will continue to actively contribute to protect and maintain the welfare of the environment.

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