Italian Console Tables Made by Sevensedie

All our Italian Console tables in classic and in contemporary style are produced with high quality materials and great attention to details.

A console table plays an important role in the interior design of a house or a study. We offer a large variety of high quality console tables in classic and modern styles. Classic console tables are often used as an element of contrast in a modern furnishing environment; an hand carved Baroque or Empire style console in gold leaf finish is perfect to give a touch of class and exclusivity to any modern and minimalist furniture settings. All our consoles are 100% made in Italy and they are highly customizable in sizes and finishes. Most consoles are available with marble tops as well as wood tops; in this case you can choose the kind of marble to you more suitable from those available.
classic style wooden console table
Odessa Art. 0CL03
baroque style wood and marble console table
Selene Art. 0CL100
Italian contemporary console table.Cherry wood console with gold plated metal insert
Gauss Art. 0CL11
baroque style wooden console table
Selene Art. 0CL110
classic style wood and marble console table
Clizia Art. 0CL14
classic style wooden console table
Clizia Art. 0CL15
modern style wooden console table
Replica Art. 0CL20
Italian contemporary consolle - modern 3 drawers consolle - Italian consolle with chromed metal base
Klepsidra Art. 0CL27
Klepsidra Art. 0CL27E
modern style wooden console table
Klepsidra Art. 0CL28
Italian modern console, rectangular console table with wood top and one middle shelf. Contemporary console with gold plated metal base
Klepsidra Art. 0CL37
modern style metal console table
Klepsidra Art. 0CL38
modern style wooden console table
Noor Art. 0CL44
modern style wooden drawer unit
Noor Art. 0CL44CA
directoire style wooden writing desk
Adone Art. 0ST03
classic style wooden dressing table
Butterfly Art. 0ST142
Ada Art. 0ST21
Contemporary cherry wood dressing table - Italian dressing table with revolving round gold plated mirror in cherry finish with gold plated metal tip legs
Look Art. 0ST4004

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