Chest of Drawers and night stands

Classic and contemporary Italian chest of drawers and night stand. Elegant and functional with blue motion or push-pull aluminum runners. Hi quality products, best value and 100% made in Italy
classic style wood bedsidetable butterfly 65 2123
Butterfly Art. 0CD141
modern metal bedside table klepsidra 8138 8332
Klepsidra Art. 0CD27
modern metal bedside table klepsidra b 7358
Klepsidra Art. 0CD27E
modern style wood bedsidetable ellipse 3093
Ellipse Art. 0CD350
modern style wood bedsidetable look 645
Look Art. 0CD4005
classic style wood chest butterfly 76 2816
Butterfly Art. 0CO141
modern style wood chest ellipse 4730 4163
Ellipse Art. 0CO350

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