Hotel Moresco

Venice, Italy

View of the hotel Moresco from a venetian channel
Classic Italian Furniture

About this venue

For this exclusive and luxurious hotel in Venice the investor was looking for elegant hotel furnitures comprehending chairs, armchairs and coffee tables. He requested for traditional, classic Italian furniture which had to reflect the mediterranean spirit of Venice, the doorway to the East, re-interpreting it in an original and modern key.
Ideal place for those wishing to explore the fascinating city of Venice, Hotel Moresco welcomes its guests with refined taste decorations offering ambiences where comfort and refinement are the cornerstones despite the diversity that distinguishes one room from another.

Our mission

The furnishing of this venue had to be expression of the cultural mixture; hints of a rich oriental style blended with the Italian design.
The bedrooms and the different zones of the hotel must had to be furnished in different styles and the goal was to identify for each location the right pieces: chairs, armchairs, sofas and stools that could complement the existing furnishing pieces of this hotel.

The furnishing project

We identified the right articles in the right styles for the rooms, the hall and the lounge. The next step was the selection of the finishes that also had to match the original furnishing; for some of the pieces we could offer our standard finishes but for a few chairs we had to create a special finish to match exactly with the color of the existing furniture. The choice of the upholstery material was left till last; with our wide range of fabrics and leathers it was easy to find the suitable cover for each model.

In the bar area the Old England armchair in a sober Queen Anne style, upholstered in real leather, matching in color and finish with the beautiful Louis style Iside armchair. Additionally we had to design a bespoke sofa taking inspiration from our Giunone sofa in contemporary style.

For the restaurant the choice went to our most famous model: the Luigi dining chair and the matching Luigi armchair, both of these was polished in dark walnut and upholstered in a beige-gold elegant crushed velvet.

For the bedrooms we had to select the right models taking in consideration not only the style of the room but also its dimensions. On the smaller bedrooms we used the smaller Luigi dining chair with arms.

A few Olimpia american style dining chairs was used as desk chair.

In the largest rooms we used the comfortable classic armchair Luigi upholstered is a stripe velvet or the Iside armchair in leather. Other occasional pieces as the Tieste lamp table and the Kara bar stool found space here and there to add a touch of class and exclusivity.

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