Ceremonial Hall

Madunice, Slovakia

Series of blue contemporary chairs Anello made by Sevensedie in the ceremonial hall of Madunice municipality building in Slovakia
Contemporary Italian Furniture

About this venue

For this beautiful and unique ceremonial hall we was requested to provide a functional, elegant italian dining chair with a strong and long lasting frame.
Our partner Real Beauty Interior Design (www.rbid.eu) was in charge of this project, taking special care of all aspects of design and colour coordination.

Our mission

We had to deliver an high quality, comfortably upholstered contemporary dining chair. Once we identified the perfect model in our Anello contemporary dining chair, the task was to create a color theme in line with the Municipality's official colors. The blue national river Vah and yellow-gold onion, especially heraldic colors of the village of Madunice was to be transferred into the design of the ceremonial hall.

The furnishing project

After a long search we found the perfect fabric combination to recall the Municipality's official colors. A plain crushed blue velvet on the seat and a yellow-gold pattern velvet on the backrest of this elegant Italian contemporary chair was the perfect combination of colors to satisfy the client's requests.

Close picture showing the details of a few Anello chairs upholstered in a two tone blue and yellow velvet. Hi quality contemporary dining chairs, 100% made in Italy

The Anello dining chair with the black lacquered wood frame, upholstered in an astonishing combination of blue and yellow velvet has fully satisfied the client's expectations. Among our range of italian contemporary furniture, the anello dining chair is one of the most sought after items.

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