All Italian Sofas made by Sevensedie

Sevensedie manufactures comfortable and elegant sofas in fabric and leather with an unmistakable Italian design.

We produce two, three, four and five-seater sofas and also sofa beds.
Our extra large sofas are up to four meters wide and have been custom made for hotels and residential projects. The structure of our sofas is made of solid Italian wood. In order to protect the environment and nature, we source our wood exclusively from timber suppliers participating in reforestation programs.

Two Seater Sofas

A wide choice of two seater sofas entirely made in Italy. In classic, modern and contemporary style.

View our Loveseats

Italian 2 seater sofa, tufted back Love seat upholstered in crushed blue velvet Irene
ART 0451D
Italian classic 2 seater sofa Logan,light blue,wooden structure Logan
ART 9732D
Contempoary Italian love seat in green velvet, 2 seater sofa with large back rest cushion Dorotea
ART 0595D
Modern italian sofa Giunone, 2 seater, upholstered Giunone
ART 9790D

Three Seater Sofa

Discover our three-seater sofas with leather or fabric upholstery fully customizable accordingly to your needs.

View our 3 Seater Sofas

baroque style wooden sofa Kalo
ART 9904E
louis xvi style wooden sofa Luigi
ART 9276E
contemporary style wooden sofa Fortuna
ART 9850E
chesterfield style wooden sofa Tevere
ART 9503E

Four Seater Sofa

A combination of style, elegance, durability and comfort: here are our 4 seater sofas, all designed and made in Italy.

View our 4 Seater sofas

modern style wooden sofa Celine
ART 0615F
modern style wooden sofa Javier
ART 9614F
Modern Italian sofa, 4 seater, fully upholstered in light blue velvet with 4 scattered cushions Romano
ART 0613F
Contemporary Italian sofa - sofa upholstered in grey/blue bouchle fabric - Italian 4 seater sofa Lixis
ART 9472F

Five Seater Sofa

Comfortable and of excellent quality: here are our five-seater sofas, amazing designer sofas to furnish your home in classic or contemporary style.

View our 5 Seater Sofas

modern style wooden sofa Giunone
ART 9790G
Large contemporary sofa with buttoned back, upholstered in silver/grey velvet with cherry wood base Lixis
ART 9452G
classic style wooden sofa Tevere
ART 9503G
contemporary style 5 seater sofa Mystirio
ART 9624G

Sofa Beds

Discover our extra comfortable sofa beds. Convertible sofas with a folding bed mechanism suitable for both the residential and the contract sector.

View our Sofas Beds

Italian sofa bed in contemporary style, 3 seater,folding with revolving mechanism, double bed Giunone
ART 9780F
Italian sleeper couch, convertible sofa bed, blue sofa bed in classic style, with revolving bed mechanism Old England
ART 9598F
Italian sofa bed with tufted back,blue,3 seater, sleeper couch, with pull out mattress, double bed Fortuna
ART 9860E
Classic Italian sleeper couch, 3 seater sofa with folding bed mechanism, white, convertible with revolving mechanism, double bed Kalo
ART 9905E

Large Sofa

Discover our large sofas in modern, contemporary and classic style.

View our Large sofas

ART 9h850G
classic style wooden sofa Custom002
contemporary style wooden sofa Custom043
ART 9c452G
chesterfield style wooden sofa Custom019
ART 9a503E

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