All Italian chairs made by Sevensedie

On this page you will find all our classic, modern and contemporary style chairs and armchairs.

They are designed and produced entirely in Italy.
Most of our chairs are also available with armrests and they can be used as table top chairs or office chairs.
The upholstery can be in fabric, leather or faux leather.
Our Italian chairs are all made of quality wood. They are highly customizable as we offer a selection of more than 100 different finishes for the wood structures: ranging from the traditional distressed vintage walnut, mahogany and cherry colors up to any modern RAL hi gloss finish.

Genesys of the Italian Chair


We design and produce chairs in classic, modern and contemporary Italian style.
The structure is always in solid wood, while the upholstery can be in fabric, velvet, leather or eco-leather.
Part of the manufacturing process is still traditionally done by hand. We also make replica chairs in Louis, Baroque, Louis Philippe, Empire, and Chippendale styles. Our stackable chairs are ideal for restaurants and hotels.
Our production of chairs is customizable to customer requirements: you can choose the finish, material and color of the upholstery and trimmings. We also produce chairs designed by the customer.

View our dining chairs

Louis style hotel & restaurant chair Luigi by Sevensedie - beech wood frame - Upholstery in exclusive fabric - lacquered in antique cream with gold leaf details. Luigi
ART 0252S
contemporary style wooden chair Rachele
ART 0726S
classic style wooden chair Scalea
ART 0471S
Modern dining chair Svezia by Sevensedie -  beech wood frame -  Iconic rounded back -  Polished in an elegant Wengè finish Svezia
ART 0326S

Italian Small Armchairs

Almost all of our Italian chair models are also available with armrests. Upholstered in high-quality fabric, leather, eco-leather or velvet, our Italian armchairs have a solid wood frame.
All our armchairs are customizable in several different finishes; you can choose the finish most suitable to the concept of your project from our finishes range.
Our Italian small armchairs are suitable for residential use but they are often also used in hotels and restaurants.

View our Italian small armchairs

modern style wooden small armchair Finlandia
ART 0328A
contemporary style wooden small armchair Arianna
ART 0324A
contemporary style wooden small armchair Minus
ART 3530A
ART 0747A

The Italian chair made by Sevensedie

Here you will find the answers to some of our customers frequently asked questions about our chairs. If you do not find the answer to your question please contact us, we will be happy to answer you.

How are your Italian chairs produced?

Most of the elements of our italian chairs are produced with the help of modern woodworking machinery. However, especially on classic chairs, which are often heavily carved, carvings and connections require to be finished by hand.
Where machinery can not replace the human hand is in the polishing and upholstering processes which are carried out by skilful workers with years and in many cases decades of experience.

Who designs Sevensedie chairs?

Our more contemporary and modern Italian chairs are generally designed by young Italian architects and designers. Often contemporary models are designed and produced the first time around as bespoked chairs to furnish a specific hotel or a restaurant, after project completion these bespoked chairs sometimes become part of our standard production.
Beside the contemporary and modern chairs we carry a vast selection of classic replica chairs that were designed by famous designers and are the expression of an historical period.

Are your chairs really “100% made in Italy”?

Yes, all our chairs and generally all our furniture are produced 100% in Italy. We have a large production plant where we carry out most of the production phases from the raw frame construction all the way to upholstery, quality control and packaging.

How long do the chairs last on average?

In theory if used in a correct manner chairs could last for many years. In general if used in a public environment as a bar or a restaurant the expected lifespan for a chair would be around 10 years.
However when the upholstery starts to age and the varnish starts showing signs of wear and tear, if the frame is still in good shape, chairs could be repolished and reupholstered to last for many more years.

Can your chairs be used in the contract sector?

Most of our classic and contemporary Italian chairs are suitable for the contract sector, some of the chair models with a not such robust structure can always be reinforced with side stretchers or “U” stretchers. Furthermore chairs for the contract sector are required to meet high fire and safety standards. We have a wide selection of upholstery material which complies with the most stringent fire and safety regulations and, to meet all demands, we offer different kinds of fire retardant foam as CHMR, IMO, British and California standards just to name a few.

Are the upholstery fabrics easy to clean?

When you are selecting the upholstery fabric for your sofas or for your dining chairs you have to always consider the specific characteristics of the fabric you are choosing. Some fabrics are washable but if the upholstery of your chairs and sofa is not removable you will end up having a washable fabric that you could not wash.
In these circumstances we would advise you to look for water or stain repellent fabrics, these fabrics are specifically treated so that the stains or liquids instead of penetrating the fabric will remain on the surface and therefore they could be easily washed away.
The water repellent treatment is done on the fabric surface, in time it will wear off and it will not protect the fabric from stains and liquids as much as when it was new. As well as water repellent fabrics we offer a range of “Quick Clean” fabrics, this family of fabrics are woven with a pre-treated thread, stains or liquids will penetrate the fabric but they will be very easy to be cleaned off as they will not stain the tread.
These “Quick Clean” fabrics are the perfect choice for hotels and restaurants as they are very easy to clean.

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Do you also sell to private consumers?

We do not supply our products directly to private consumers. If you are not in the furniture business and you wish to get any information on our products please write to us and we will put you in contact with our nearest dealer.

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