Classic Italian furniture

The Private Dance Academy by Waltz in Vienna

Wien, Austria
Replica armchairs in baroque style in blue and yellow fabric in the Cerimonial Hall of the private dance academies in Vienna, Austria

About this Venue

The Private Dance Academy by Waltz in Vienna is a brand that has been widely known for its interactive premium Waltz Matinees (day time events) and Waltz Soirees (evening time events).
Those programs are ready-to-implement concepts that showcase the Vienna's most important cultural heritage - The Viennese Waltz and are held at iconic selected venues. To furnish one of these venues the client approached Sevensedie and requested us to suggest a concept of sober design of classic chairs and tables combined with strong and vibrating finishes and upholsteries.

Our Mission

In such an historic venue the furniture style must reflect and match the architecture and the style of the building. It not so easy to find the right chair in the right style for these sort of projects, many producers are shifting their production towards more modern and contemporary lines and the offer of classic reproduction chairs is constantly diminishings.
This is not the case at Sevensedie; we constantly increase our range of contemporary and modern chairs to meet the trends of the market but we are proud of our history of been a classic chairs producer. We have seen through the years a fluctuation on the demand for high quality classic chair. Nevertheless we believe these styles will always be in demand and we don't ever consider reducing our range of classic chairs. On the contrary every year we add to our range a few new classic models to refresh the product selection.
If you are looking for a classic chairs Sevensedie is your ideal partner.

The furnishing project

Together with the designer in charge of the refurbishment we have identified a selection of Italian classic furniture, including chairs, armchairs, coffee tables and tables in Louis Philippe style and as accent pieces some Louis XVI style consoles and benches.
Both these styles are hornated with some unique hand carved decorations. To enhance the beauty of these pieces we polished all the frames in our traditional light walnut finish with and antique patina to add value and personality to the beautiful carved details.

In the images you can see all the items selected to furnish this exceptional location.
The Zeta classic replica armchair upholstered with a fabric combination: yellow stripe on the outside back, on the front and seat a blue fabric with a delicate yellow floral pattern recalling the color of the fabric on the outside.

Zeta replica armchairs in baroque style in blue and yellow fabric in the hall of the private dance academies in Vienna, Austria
Rousseau Replica armchair and Louis XVI style Luigi bench manufactured by Sevensedie for the Private Dance Academy in Wien

The Louis XVI style Luigi bench, and the and the Louis Philippe style Rousseau replica armchair; two different styles linked by the same finish and by the same fabric used for the Zeta chair but in this case in a red color variant.

Italian Classic Furniture by Sevensedie for the Private Dance Academy by Waltz in Wien
Fiorino dining table and Omero lamp table manufactured in Italy by Sevensedie for the Private Dance Academy in Wien

Finally the Fiorino dining table and the Omero lamp table, perfect examples of Italian classic furniture, was the best choice to maintain a continuity and a connection with the Louis Philippe style of the beautiful classic Zeta replica armchair.


luis style armchair zeta 8410 Zeta
ART 0243P
replica armchair rousseau 1820 Rousseau
ART 0256A


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