Italian small armchairs

Classic and contemporary Italian small armchairs made of wood reinterpreted in a contemporary and modern style. A new look with a touch of antique. Discover our high quality replica armchairs made in Italy: Louis style, Biedermeier, Baroque or traditional Venetian style.

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italian modern armchair afina 3596 Afina
ART 0014A
italian modern armchair carmela 4920 Carmela
ART 0020A
italian modern armchair wave 8768 Wave
ART 0027A
italian armchair lexi 2873 Lexi
ART 0028A
italian contemporary armchair platis 9303 Platis
ART 0029A
modern armchair wave 3223 Wave
ART 0037A
italian armchair cresta 1583 Cresta
ART 0115A
italian classic armchair angelo 665 Angelo
ART 0143A
italian contemporary armchair luna 3593 Luna
ART 0146A
italian classic armchair archetto 2359 Archetto
ART 0166A
italian classic armchair ricciolo 9567 Ricciolo
ART 0167A
italian classic armchair ducale 6834 Ducale
ART 0174A
restaurant armchair sofia 4103 Sophia
ART 0180A
italian contemporary armchair angel 8389 Angel
ART 0181A
italian classic armchair anna 5064 Anna
ART 0183A
replica armchair aster 3134 Aster
ART 0184A
replica armchair liberty 8838 Liberty
ART 0205A
italian classic armchair sabry 2840 Sabry
ART 0206A
replica armchair traforata 3900 Traforata
ART 0209A
restaurant armchair fiorino 3661 Fiorino
ART 0227A
italian classic armchair luigi 1116 Luigi
ART 0252A
luis style armchair luigi 1423 Luigi
ART 0253A
replica armchair rousseau 1820 Rousseau
ART 0256A
replica armchair miledi 4585 Miledi
ART 0266A
replica armchair luigi 7960 Luigi
ART 0272A
italian contemporary armchair jenny 6442 Jenny
ART 0274A
italian armchair jacopo 5405 Jacopo
ART 0282A
italian classic armchair radica 436 Radica
ART 0283A
italian classic armchair goethe 5669 Goethe
ART 0284A
italian classic armchair svevo 8239 Svevo
ART 0287A
italian classic armchair croce 8799 Croce
ART 0291A
classic armchair modigliani 7240 Modigliani
ART 0292A
italian classic armchair paris 8518 Paris
ART 0299A
restaurant armchair praga 7436 Praga
ART 0300A
restaurant armchair anello 485 Anello
ART 0319A
italian armchair arianna 6396 Arianna
ART 0324A
modern armchair finlandia 6966 Finlandia
ART 0328A
restaurant armchair gaston 8742 Gaston
ART 0339A
classic armchair bronte 547 Bronte
ART 0340A
italian armchair matilde 3595 Matilde
ART 0346A
1429 classic style wood armchair evia Evia
ART 0355A
replica armchair salgari 5795 Salgari
ART 0382A
restaurant armchair olimpia 5151 Olimpia
ART 0410A
restaurant armchair svetlana 9863 Svetlana
ART 0411A
replica armchair olga 7264 Olga
ART 0412A
italian modern armchair calipso 4702 Calipso
ART 0414A
italian classic armchair chiara 1324 Chiara
ART 0415A
italian classic armchair taurus 4725 Taurus
ART 0416A
italian armchair adele 9325 Adele
ART 0418A
italian contemporary armchair moderna 7819 Modena
ART 0421A
italian armchair amelia 7990 Amelia
ART 0429A
italian classic armchair prince 9355 Prince
ART 0431A
replica armchair lorena 4822 Lorena
ART 0439A
italian classic armchair roma 1112 Roma
ART 0440A
restaurant armchair queen 2581 Queen
ART 0450A
italian classic armchair kiev 7806 Kiev
ART 0456A
classic armchair verona 6175 Verona
ART 0467A
italian classic armchair scalea 9252 Scalea
ART 0471A
contemporary chair favola 6832 Favola
ART 0474A
italian armchair claudia 3414 Claudia
ART 0481A
italian classic chair milano 4219 Milano
ART 0492A
italian contemporary armchair feel 9455 Feel
ART 0493A
leather armchair york 6380 York
ART 0499A
italian classic armchair cremona 8591 Cremona
classic armchair tasinea 8969 Tasinea
ART 0514A
italian armchair antesia 1149 Antesia
ART 0516A
italian classic armchair alcide 5269 Alcide
ART 0517A
italian classic armchair torino 4822 Torino
ART 0520A
classic armchair torino 8324 Torino
ART 0521A
classic armchair torino 9656 Torino
ART 0522A
restaurant armchair arianna 2841 Arianna
ART 0524A
italian classic armchair amanda jpeg 1275.jpeg Amanda
ART 0527A
replica armchair grazia 1105 Grazia
ART 0528A
italian classic armchair kriz 473 Kriz
ART 0563A
classic armchair brooklyn 3062 Brooklyn
ART 0567A
classic armchair maria 7376 Maria
ART 0581A
contemporary armchair eva 3033 Eva
ART 0603A
comfortable italian wood brown armchair marta 8853 Marta
ART 0604A
italian armchair lucrezia 5736 Lucrezia
ART 0608A
italian classic armchair ramses 7261 Ramses
ART 0610A
italian modern armchair mina 676 Mina
ART 0611A
italian modern armchair auribus 3322 Auribus
ART 0612A
modern armchair eden 7338 Eden
ART 0616A
italian modern armchair aranea 7439 Aranea
ART 0617A
italian armchair amanda 912 Amanda
ART 0627A
italian classic armchair savoia 9680 Savoia
ART 0652A
restaurant chair savoia 7157 Savoia
ART 0653A
italian classic armchair nova 1081 Nova
ART 0681A
italian classic armchair sole 5046 Sole
ART 0706A
contemporary armchair pisa 8234 Pisa
ART 0712A
italian classic armchair lia 8902 Lia
ART 0728A
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ART 0733A
italian contemporary armchair manhattan 1319 Manhattan
ART 0739A
luis style armchair luigia 3073 Luigia
ART 0742A
replica armchair ginevra 6613 Ginevra
ART 0743A
luis style armchair adriana 5298 Adriana
ART 0744A
italian armchair castello 2779 Castello
ART 0747A
contemporary armchair julia 5001 Julia
ART 0805A
hotel armchair fiorino 3669 Fiorino
ART 3227A
luis style armchair luigi 2773 Luigi
ART 3252A
replica armchair luigi 7636 Luigi
ART 3272A
italian contemporary armchair minus 9548 Minus
ART 3530A
italian armchair aranea 7519 Aranea
ART 4617A
italian contemporary armchair london 2731 London
ART 9130A

Carver armchairs for the dining room

Carver armchairs are often used as dining seats instead or combined with standard side chairs. The carver armchair is a small armchair with arms. They are more comfortable than a standard dining chair and are often used at the far ends of the tables; in many cultures this seat is reserved in sign of respect to the head of the family or to a guest of honor.

Replica Small Armchairs

Over fifty replicas of armchairs and small armchairs from the most important historical styles of Italian and world furniture: Louis, Baroque and Liberty style, Biedermeier, Louis Philippe and many others. Made in Italy with fine woods and fabrics of the highest quality.

Hotel and restaurant furniture

Dozens of hotels and restaurants around the world have chosen the exclusive Sevensedie design for their furnishings. Our small armchairs are a must-have piece of Italian elegance.

Discover more about our hotel and restaurant furniture.

Find the Italian side chair to pair your armchair with

The vast majority of our small dining armchairs are paired with a matching side chair; you can view these in our dining chairs section. You can even digit the model name on the search box on the top right hand corner of the screen to see all the models matching the armchair you have selected.

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