Furnishing Accessories: Lamps, Mirrors, Rugs and Loose Cushions

Our furnishings accessories are the key elements to turn your house into an authentic Italian home.

They give light, color and character to any room making it unique, warm and comfortable. We offer a selection of furniture accessories from the classic and contemporary lightings 100% designed and produced in Italy, to the loose cushions available in several different shapes and sizes, to the hand made rugs and much more.


Table lamps, standing lamps and suspended lamps are not just a functional element needed to give light to the room but they play a key role in any room setting. Lightings are important for the tone and level of light they give out, as this gives the room the perfect atmosphere.
Lightings are also a key article for their style and design as they have to blend with the style of the surroundings. We offer a wide selection of lighting to compliment most of our italian furniture collections.
All our lamps are designed and produced 100% in Italy.

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Italian lamp Salina in baroque style. Cream lampshade, wooden structure lacquered in antique walnut finish. Made in Italy by Sevensedie. Salina
ART 0LP10326
ART 0LP27002
ART 0LP10182


Mirrors are probably one of the most popular furniture accessories. It’s impossible to think of a house without a mirror! Mirrors can be placed in any room, any bathroom must have a mirror, a mirror goes in the bedroom above the chest of drawers. A tall mirror can stand in the entrance or in the halway. You have a mirror above the sideboard, and if you have a console you probably need a mirror to go above it.
Most of our mirrors are available in several sizes, shapes and finishes. On request most them can be bespoked to special measurements.
At Sevensedie you will find a large selection of mirrors in classic and contemporary style all 100% made in Italy.

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baroque style wooden mirror Augusta
baroque style wooden mirror Calicis
classic style wooden mirror Apollo

Hand made rugs

Traveling from village to village, near Varanasi which is the holiest of India's sacred cities, we found a district of skilled artisans specializing in the manufacturing of hand tufted rugs. Because of the superb craftsmanship, we soon made the decision to include these beautiful and valuable rugs in our home decor offerings. Each and every rug is handmade and produced individually. We can customize rugs in sizes according to your specific needs.

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ART 0TT02A00002
ART 0TT02C00004
ART 0TT04A00005
ART 0TT06A00002


Loose cushions are needed on some sofas and armchairs to make them more cozy and comfortable. Our scattered cushions can be in eco-leather or even in real leather but most of the time they are done in fabric. Fabric on the cushions can be plain or patterned and it can be in tone or in contrast with the color of the fabric used for the sofa, the armchair or the headboard.
We offer a selection of loose cushions in different shapes and sizes. Cushions can be basic or with fringes, and they can be round, rectangular or square. Unleash your creativity by selecting the covering you like best for your cushions from those available.

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classic style fabric cushion Armada
classic style fabric cushion Erebus
classic style fabric cushion Lancaster

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