News - 24 December 2021

The development of Sevensedie's brand identity

Today we interview Fabrizio Mirandola, the graphic designer who in 2013 was responsible for the design of the current Sevensedie company logo and its brand identity.
The collaboration then resumed in 2019, with the task of renewing the corporate image starting with the graphic design of the Ellipse catalog, intended to enhance and promote the latest collection produced.

What is the design concept behind Ellipse?

The communication strategy underlying the project, not only of Ellipse but of the general image of the company, arises from the need to enhance the products through the structuring of a brand image as a vehicle for characterization capable of guaranteeing quality, personality, and vocation of the products.
Therefore, all the technical-stylistic choices applied up to now, from the restyling of the logo to the creation of the new catalogs and the new graphic layout of the website, have been designed to highlight the quality and personality of the products.

The communication strategy underlying the project
contemporary furniture Ellipse

What are the considerations behind the development of a graphic solution so different from the previous one?

First of all, the need to give more authority to communication, favoring clean and high-impact graphic solutions capable of creating the right tension between the elements of identity and those of language. For example, the design developed for catalog covers, where the communicative role is entrusted solely to typographic composition. Secondly, the choice of typographic styles and related proportions together with the use of color are indispensable refinements to make the graphic layout more elegant and harmonious.
Finally, the attention paid to printed materials: the choice of paper proved to be of fundamental importance in favoring, through its peculiar materiality, that perception of warmth and naturalness functional to give the vision a feeling of pleasure, as well as promote a message of eco-sustainability.

contemporary furniture Ellipse

What are Sevensedie's strategies for the future of communication?

In the field of visual communication, parallel to the constant work of structuring and strengthening the brand identity, we must consider the opening to a more empathic communicative approach: no longer solely focused on the products, but aimed at placing the potential customer at the center of the business.
Today, it is no longer the products that guarantee the development of a company, but rather the communication of the whole world of ideas, attitudes, and languages capable of involving people emotionally by evoking the values of the brand.
Therefore a communication strategy capable of fueling the development of a broader narrative destined to provide the appropriate tools to intercept the ever-new needs and at the same time open new relationship channels and new market views.

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