News - 12 May 2021

Elly - Capsule of Modern Italian Furniture

As from today a new capsule joins Ada within the Italian Modern Collection project: the Elly capsule.

Elly is the natural continuation of the products already presented and stems from the same assumptions as Ada: the search for a deliberately vintage design which turns its gaze towards Italian and international design from the 1950s and 1960s; attention to detail, which can be seen in the spiked leg with metal tip, the true leitmotif of this capsule; the careful selection of finishes, colors and fabrics.

Sevensedie offers once again a system of artifacts that interact with each other. Through this silent but tenacious connection between the various elements, the environment takes energy and personality without ever being redundant or excessive.

The Nubes Italian sofa, the Club armchair and the Giulia chair "dress" the rooms with their discreet and elegant presence, with the lightness given by their thin legs.

The Oslo table and the Moon coffee tables, with tops with an almost aerodynamic profile, with the decisive cleanliness of geometries, characterize without ever being banal, the entire Elly capsule.

Elly is an Italian furniture program that is well suited to contemporary environments but which also knows how to decline in spaces with a more classic flavor.

The capsule has been studied by our designers in different finishes and with different decorative details in order to have this distinctly eclectic personality, even though always keeping its fundamental stylistic lines intact.

View the Elly capsule

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