Classic dining

A dining room with classic lines and an eclectic soul.

A classic dining composition that starts from classic lines then interpreted in an eclectic mood. Adding to the ambiance originality and opulence. In this unique solution of great personality the finishes are the most impressive element. The table with an oval shape shows a white wood inlay, the same motif is repeated with a gold leaf decoration on the doors of the sideboard. The exclusive design is also shown on the elegantly refined mirror frame. On the side the Enea armchairs with beech wood structure hand carved and decorated in gold and silver leaf. Around the table the beautiful Isotta chairs, with elegantly carved front legs and and exclusive pleated back.


Art. 0CM01


Art. 0SP25


Art. 0VE112


Art. 9796P


Art. 0TA777


Art. 0SP119
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